X congress 2021


Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the в Х International Congress «Topical Areas of the Modern Cardio-Thoracic Surgery», that will take place in hybrid format in Saint Petersburg on 17−19 June, 2021:

  • Live sessions will take place in the conference rooms at the following address, Russia, St Petersburg, Ligovskiy Pr., nos. 2−4, front door, 2nd floor, Conference Room and Scientific Board Room) fully in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and MoH Guidelines 3.½.10 198−20 «Guidelines on Conducting Congress and Exhibition Activities» (the delegates should have personal face masks);
  • The congress will be streamed live via MediatorCloud platform (https://mediator.cloud/thoracic), with a possibility for remote delegates to take part in discussions and ask questions.

The agenda of the Congress will cover the most topical issues of cardio, vascular, and thoracic surgery, infections in surgery, anaesthesiology, use of modern imaging techniques in cardio-thoracic practice, review of difficult and atypical cases in surgery, master-classes to master the manual skills using bio-material. The congress is striving to unite the best cardio-thoracic surgeons and representatives of adjacent disciplines, and it definitely will help improve the quality of medical care for the Russian population.



  • First line — authors.
  • Second line — name (upper case).
  • Further on — full name of institution (no abbreviations!), city, сountry.
  • Fonts: Times New Roman, font size — 12 Single spacing. Мaximum abstract length — 1 page, margins: top & bottom — 2 cm, left — 3 cm, right — 1 cm.
  • Structure-wise, the abstracts should include the following sections: background, materials & methods, results, conclusion.

Upload abstracts / (the attached files will be forwarded to thoracic.ru@mail.ru)

Receipt and moderation of abstracts: Igor V. Vasiliev
e-mail: iv.vasilev@spbniif.ru
+ 7 981 739-05-32



  • Poster session will be pre-moderated and conducted online.
  • Poster presentation is prepared as a standard presentation (full screen mode, 33.867×19.05cm) 5 slides max.
  • Time for presentation 2min max.

Receipt and moderation of posters: Grigoriy G. Kudryashov
e-mail: gg.kudriashov@spbniif.ru

On-line registration