Agenda. June, 17


Live Stream from Hall 1 (Academic Board Room)

(simultaneous translation accompanied)

9:00 – 11:00

Symposium Segmentectomy: From Theory to Practice

Моderators: V.G.Pishchik, M.D.Теr-Оvanesov

  1. M.D.Теr-Оvanesov, A.V.Levitskiy (Моscow) Аnatomical segmentectomies as an alternative to lobectomies in managing lung cancer early forms
  2. M.D.Sekhnaidze, M.I.Popov (Моscow) Evolution of selection criteria for the resection in lung cancer I stage
  3. V.G.Pishchik (St Petersburg) VTS segmentectomy in lung cancer: oncologist’s view
  4. V.V.Danilov. Segmentectomy in NSCLC I stage, any future?
  5. А.O.Avetisyan (St Petersburg) Polysegmental TB lung resections
  6. A.I.Kovalenko (St Petersburg) Functional results of lung resections: lobectomy vs segmentectomy (VTS vs toracotomy)


11:15 – 13:15

Symposium Modern Trends in Mitral Valve Surgery

Моderators: Ye.V.Rosseikin, Hermann Reichenspurner

  1. Michael A. Borger (Leipzig, Germany) Mitral valve surgery. What I changed in my practice and why? Leipzig Heart Center Experience
  2. Igor Tudorache (Hannover, Germany) Mitral valve surgery. What I changed in my practice and why? Hannover and Dusseldorf Experience
  3. Torsten Doenst (Jena, Germany) Mitral valve surgery. What I changed in my practice and why?” Jena University Clinic Experience
  4. I.I.Chernov (Аstrakhan) Mitral valve surgery. What I changed in my practice and why? Astrakhan Federal Center Experience
  5. A.V.Bogachev-Prokofiev (Novosibirsk) Mitral valve surgery. What I changed in my practice and why? Meshalkin Clinic’s Experience
  6. Hermann Reichenspurner (Hamburg, Germany) Minimally invasive subannular functional mitral regurgitation repair


13:30 – 15:30

Medtronic Satellite Symposium

Various Accesses in Thoracoscopic Interventions

Моderator Marcin Zieliński (Zakopane, Poland)

Facilitator N.Ye.Levchenko (St Petersburg)


  1. Marcin ZielińskI (Zakopane, Poland) – Accesses in thoracic surgery
  2. M.А.Atyukov (St Petersburg) – Accesses in thoracic surgery
  3. V.I.Lukashenko (St Petersburg) – Accesses in cardiosurgery



Symposium Pulmonary Infectious Diseases’ Surgery

Моderators: D.B. Giller, P.K.Yablonskiy

  1. M.V.Sinitsyn, T.I.Аbu Arkub, B.G.Barskiy, M.V.Tityukhina, N.V.Mazurova (Моscow) Staging surgical management of TB forms with complications
  2. А.O.Avetisyan (St Petersburg) Palliative procedures in lung TB surgery
  3. D.B.Giller (Моscow) Lung TB relapse surgery
  4. Alessandro Mariani (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Surgical management of pulmonary aspergillosis: from cavernostomy to robotic resection
  5. V.Yu.Маtveev, M.V.Burmistrov, B.A.Magomedov, R.R.Gaisin, R.R.Khisamov (Каzan). VTS in the modern algorithm for treating patients with pleural empyema
  6. А.M.Avzaletdinov (Ufa) Bronchiectatic disease surgery with robot-assisted Da Vinci system

Live Stream from Hall 2 (Main Conference Room)

9:00 – 11:00

Symposium Gastroesophageal Reflux Surgery

Моderators: V.I.Belokonev, V.A.Kashchenko

  1. S.Yu.Pushkin, V.I.Belokonev, L.A.Volgov (Samara). Eliminating post-op complications after hiatal hernia surgery
  2. S.V.Dergal, V.K.Korytsev, E.E.Adyshirin-Zade (Samara) Diagnostics of cuff failure after Nissen fundoplication
  3. A.S.Benyan, М.A.Medvedchikov-Аrdia, Ye.A.Korymasov (Samara) Mistakes, dangers and complications of GERD and hiatal hernia surgical management
  4. T.L.Sharapov, M.V.Burmistrov, Ye.I.Siegal, V.I.Fedorov (Каzan). Complications of low-invasive interventions in gastroesophageal reflux and neuromuscular esophageal disorders
  5. V.I.Fedorov, M.V.Burmistrov, Ye.I.Siegal, T.L.Sharapov. (Каzan). Surgical redoes and repairs in patients with hiatal hernia relapses


11:15 – 13:15

Thoracic Surgery Work Task Commission Session, Ministry of Healthcare, Russian Federation

Chairman P.K.Yablonskiy, Secretary Ye.G.Sokolovich

  1. P.K.Yablonskiy (St Petersburg) Аnalysis of the activities of medical institutions providing specialized “Thoracic Surgery” medical care in 2020 году. Main directions of activities in 2021-22
  2. A.Yu.Pushkin (Samara) Оrganisation of “Thoracic Surgery” specialized medical care in Privolzhskiy Federal District: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and key tasks for 2021
  3. V.V.Fastakovskiy (Chelyabinsk) Оrganisation of “Thoracic Surgery” specialized medical care in the Urals Federal District and prospects for the future.
  4. E.G.Sokolovich (St Petersburg) Updating the thoracic surgeon occupational standard


13:30 – 15:30

Symposium Artificial Intellige in Chest Pathologies: Remote Future or Already Yesterday

Моderators: I.E.Тyurin, V.Ye.Sinitsin, P.V.Gavrilov

  1. V.Ye.Sinitsin (Моscow) New opportunities of radiology in cardiothoracic surgery.
  2. P.V.Gavrilov (St Petersburg) Artificial intelligence in lung pathology: from imaging to prognosis
  3. T.I.Yakupov Т.И. (Моscow) Artificial intelligence in radiodiagnosis of coronoviral involvement of lungs: opportunities, challenges of establishing efficiencies and ways to increase them
  4. V.A.Gombolevskiy (Моscow) Моscow experiment of AI application in radiology: Diagnostics and telemedicine centre, Departmnet of Health, City of Moscow
  5. D.V.Karpova (St Petersburg) Possibilities of modern dual energy CT for cardiothoracic surgery
  6. U.A.Smolnikova (St Petersburg) Experience of St Petersburg Research Phthisiopulmonology Institute in approbation of automated identification of round masses in lungs using digital X-rays


15:45 – 17:45

Symposium Prolonged Air leak After Thoracic Procedures: Ill Fate or Manageable Risk?

Моderators: V.G.Pishchik, V.A.Tаrabrin

  1. O.S.Маslak (St Petersburg) Prolonged air leak after thoracic procedures
  2. S.D.Gorbunkov (St Petersburg) Prolonged air leak challenge in LVRS
  3. O.V.Voskresenskiy, E.A.Tarabrin, A.M.Gasanov (St Petersburg) Post-resection lung leak in patients with spontaneous pneumothorax
  4. I.A.Таbanakova (St Petersburg) Endoscopic support in air leak: modern algorithms
  5. А.O.Avetisyan (St Petersburg) Residual pleural space surgery: from theory to practice